How to Actually Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

It’s great to have goals and each year many people set new goals for themselves. Unfortunately, many people seem to put more energy into making their resolutions than achieving them. However, if you choose our goals carefully and create an actionable plan to carry them through, you would find your new year’s resolutions to be much more helpful than just a piece of paper.

Making unrealistic promises to yourself tend to raise the likelihood of flaking out on your goals when your mood or your energy levels change- as they most certainly will. Here are a few helpful hints on how to develop good habits, make your resolutions stick, and see real change by this time next year.

More Energy = More Enthusiasm

Whatever your goals are, you will not be able to keep your promises to yourself if you lack enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a product of energy. Your brain is not just a computer, it needs energy too. If you’ve ever had a really strong cup of coffee, you understand what I mean. To ensure you have the energy and enthusiasm you need to meet your goals, you have to take good care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet with lots of nutrient-dense foods. Get plenty of sleep, and try to keep the same waking hours as the sun.

Be Realistic and Specific

Carl Jung said the reason so many people fail to perceive the divine is because they don’t look low enough. What he meant was that we should appreciate the small things in life and not believe they are below our dignity. This means humble goals are important too. Cleaning up your room and keeping it tidy is a simple goal you can use as an example. This is a good way to practice maintaining practical, and realistic habits that can be built upon.

Good Habits Trump Promises to Yourself

Behavioral research tells us that if a person can maintain a good habit for 90 days, it’s likely to stick. Whether you’re starting a new diet, exercise routine, revamping your resume, or learning new skills, your goal should be to simply to keep it up for 90 days. Don’t be overly concerned about quality, just focus on doing your target behavior every day. You’ll find that persistence is the most important aspect of making a change that lasts.

Share Your Goals

No matter what your goals are, it’s much easier to flake out on them if you’re the only person who knows about them. Be sure to tell friends and family about your goals. People who share their goals with people whose opinions matter to them are much more likely to achieve those goals. It makes the idea of failure far more unpleasant, and it makes the feeling of success much sweeter.

Remember, setting realistic goals that you can easily attend to each day is the key. Create a system that you can adhere to- rather than imposing a harsh regimen on yourself. Developing healthy habits, consistent behavior, and high energy is the best way to change your life, meet your goals, and achieve great things.