How to Rise Above the Negative

A little bit of negativity is a natural part of everyday life - experiencing both highs and lows are an important part of what makes us human, after all! However, if you happen to be experiencing long-term bouts of gloominess, it's important that you make every effort to rise above it. There's making a mistake and then there's letting that mistake ruin your day, your month or even your year. Let’s look at a few ways in which you can triumph over negativity at home and in the workplace.

Rising Above Negativity at Home

One of the first things that you can do at home (or anywhere else in your everyday life) involves finding someone to talk with. If you're feeling negative energy because of a problem with a spouse or other loved one, don't be afraid to have a frank and honest discussion about it - communication in this situation could not be more important.

Does it have less to do with any one-person and is more of a general problem? You should still talk about it! Sometimes just getting something off your chest can help provide essential context and perspective to really cut-through those negative feelings once and for all.

If verbal exchange just doesn’t cut it, try relieving the negativity through a physical channel. Science has proven that regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, stress relief, your overall mood and much, much more. Sometimes a simple job can help to refresh your body and mind.

Rising Above Negativity at Work

Lest we forget that negativity exists all around us. It can, and often does, affect your professional life as well. According to one study, workplace negativity can have a massive effect on productivity in general. Constantly focusing on the negative can lead to mental fatigue, which not only affects the volume of work people are able to do, but the quality of that work as well.

This can open the door to a massive wave of employee disengagement - something that not only affects 70% of workers in the US, but also costs employers a combined $450 to $550 billion in potential revenue every year. To say negativity is a problem that should be addressed at all costs is something of an understatement.

The first step in resolving negative feelings involves not just acknowledging that they exist, but also understanding what people are being negative about in the first place. If you're an organizational leader, you can't be afraid to talk to employees and learn as much about the problems they're experiencing as possible. This will help clue you into potential solutions almost immediately.

Is it the fact that employees feel like mistakes are pointed out too frequently, causing them to feel down about their abilities? Consider rewarding coworkers who point out problems, as ultimately it only makes the quality of work that much better. Is it because they feel like they're being asked to work long hours with little to show for it? Consider instituting a weekly office happy hour to show everyone that they're truly appreciated.

But whether you're an employee or an employer, one of the best ways to combat workplace negativity involves treating people A) as adults, and B) with fairness and consistency above all else. It really does all come back to the Golden Rule - treat people as if they're trustworthy and deserving of your respect, because in the end they are. Even something as small as this can have a major positive impact on culture and morale across the board.