5 Traits of a Great Salesperson in the Startup Industry

There are reportedly hundreds of millions of startups all over the world.

And while a number of them die within a short period of time after inception, millions of entrepreneurs sprouting from different industries still opt to take a stab at operating their own startup ventures in hopes of achieving success. In fact, in the United States, almost 30 million working-age Americans chose to run their own businesses versus working for an employer in 2015.

If you are one of the many hopefuls out there dreaming of starting a career as a salesperson in a startup company, this is an exciting time for you, because these entrepreneurs are hiring. If you have the talent and skills and the right attitude, you may just land a job in one of the most competitive, driven, digitally advanced and culturally diverse companies you can ever work for.

Remember, being a salesperson in a startup company may be challenging, but it's also a remarkable venue for learning. If you have these five traits, your chances of thriving and growing in your startup of choice is huge, enough for you to "move fast and break things."

1. Think Big

The energetic startup culture inspires everyone within to walk the extra mile and be innovative, not being content with what a particular process will predictably result in but what additional benefits it can still potentially deliver. Find solutions to problems and explore what extra values you can still squeeze out from a method. Strive to make a difference.

2. Tap Your Network

Being able to network and create productive relationships within your peers and external sources will go a long way especially when you need not just information or technical help along the way but also positive references to boost your credibility and helpful referrals to strengthen your pipeline.

3. Be "the" Resource

Selling turns off potential clients, and they can smell that stereotypical salesman mode from afar. Instead of directly selling your company to other businesses, you can offer your services by being a reliable source of information and expertise when it comes to helping their businesses thrive in the market. Act like a consultant instead of a salesman. Be a partner that can provide solutions to their needs and respond to their demands with accuracy and authority.

4. Show Heart

Selling is not for the weak of heart or for the "onion-skinned." You have to be tough. There will be days when rejection is the only menu for dinner, but you should not falter. If you approach each opportunity well-equipped with your selling knowledge and the resilience to get your goals accomplished, success will never be far away.

5. Enrich Your Technical Skills

Be hungry for essential information and training that will further make you a valuable asset not just in the startup company that you work for but for the clients that you serve. Invest in classes and programs that will elevate your knowledge on the products that you're offering, as well as the methods that you utilize to get your job accomplished on a daily basis. The technical training you'll get from trusted institutions that specialize in comprehensive startup education will serve as your beacon throughout the course of your career in the startup industry.

SalesStartup Institute Team