A Quick Guide to Growth Hacking

By Parker Barnett + Nadia Leung

The idea of “growth hacking” originated from startups working to identify the growth drivers for user acquisition. How do you hit a home run in the startup world? Cover all four bases of Content, Email Marketing, A/B Testing and SEO, says Andrea Squiteri, Director of Marketing at Intrepid Pursuits. Startup Institute interviewed Andrea on how marketers can best utilize the industry’s top tools:

Content Marketing

Your own social channels (where you’re most active, e.g.- Twitter, LinkedIn) plus your blog are reliable and fun ways to showcase content. Offer pieces for industry level publications to utilize on their platforms or write a guest post for companies such as Bostinno. Content creation is a skill worth practicing until you get it right. 

Email marketing

Everyone knows about the big ones, Hubspot, Campaign monitor, and Constant Contact, but have you heard of Silverpop? Silverpop offers endless solutions to email marketing campaigns that include leveraging data from automated reports to crafting customizable landing pages. 

A/B Testing

If you’re growth hacking, you’re A/B testing. Flurry, Localytics, and Fiksu are crucial to ensure that you’re not just relying on Google Analytics for A/B testing. If you’re an analytics star, understanding cohort analysis by testing different channels and paid acquisition campaigns means relying on Gecko Board’s dashboard tool.

SEO and ASO tactics

Acquiring users for the Timbre App, one of Andreas top goals, will continue leveraging word of mouth, marketing and PR positioning. When it comes to ASO performance, Andrea recommends tracking appstore downloads using Kochava. Kochava sets itself apart by not relying on cookies and matching clicks-to-installs with an 85% accuracy rate. Unlike Google Play which relies on SEO ranking, the App Store ranks apps based on ratings, reviews, and keyword strength.

Mark Kasdorf, CEO and Co-founder of Intrepid Pursuits, the team behind the Timbre app, will be leading a discussion on The Inner Workings of the App Store at Intelligent.ly on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 in Boston, MA. 

Before you go comment below and tell us what your Timbre tagline is?

Andrea shared with us Timbre’s official tagline: “The simple way to find live music.”