Startup Institute Boston Student Exposé and Beyond

By Jingni Wei

Have you ever listened to a business pitch and thought, “That makes a lot of sense, I would use it”? That was the experience for me when I understood Startup Institute Bostonl’s goal: to help startups grow faster and to help entrepreneurs apply their passion and talent to the pursuit of a meaningful career.  Being in charge of content creation, my goal is to capture as much of the essence of Startup School as I can so that others can have the moment of understand that I had which is Startup School is different, something very special, built by incredible founders and that “this makes a lot of sense”. 

Perhaps you heard mention of Startup School on twitter, met an alum at a meet-up, read a blog post on InsideBSS, Growth Ninja, or our Bostinno Channel. While all these channels are all fantastic, the spirit and energy of the program is difficult to place into words. Editing many articles for our blog, one of the most common pieces of advice I give to our student writers is show the readers through supportive tangible examples.  Borrowing from the words of our founders, I hoped to convey the excitement, spirit and uniqueness of the Startup Institute through video. Click Play.