Do you have what it takes to join a startup?

by Miguel Galvez

Working at a startup is unlike most other jobs. In fact, I would say you can’t relate it to nearly any other professional settings. It takes a very special type of individual. You need to be a type A go-getter, hustler, entrepreneurial, and above all, a great person to be around. Like the name implies, a startup is in its early stage. There may only be a handful of people working in the company so their next hire needs to be a ‘jack-of-all trades’. They want you to take on any task that helps the company and have a good attitude doing it. Sure some roles you will have to fill will have a less glorified name, but rest assured it goes a long way towards success. You will take part in everything and anything wearing a number of different hats. This is what makes successful startup employees great hires throughout their professional lives. More often than not veteran startuppers will have joined a number of companies looking to hire them for their excellent operating experience.

Here at the Startup Insititute we give recent grads a launch pad to learn some of the traits essential to joining a startup. We will introduce you the number of roles you might have to fill and what is the best way to tackle them. More than anything else, we will empower you with the hustler go-getter mentality so that you can be a successful hire not only for your first job, but also for the rest of your career. We look forward to doing great things with you.