End 2013 On A Productive Note

As the end of the year approaches, you may start to reflect on both the good and bad professional experiences. Before you sweep the mistakes you made in 2013 under the rug, there is still time to end the year on a good note for your career.

First, focus on the positives and leverage those moments. Whether it was a promotion, heading up a new project, adding to the company’s bottom line or recruiting their newest hire – you did good kid! Secondly, keep your progress moving:

Give Thanks – You would be surprised what a hand written note can do for your professional relationships. People love to be thanked for their efforts and time, and to know that they made an impact. Make a list of your business contacts or referrals, employees or coworking peeps. Include a few sentiments of thanks but be specific. Remember to keep the door open and say that you look forward to working with them in the 2014.

Review Your Goals – It is not just the big man’s job in the red suit to manage a list. It is your job too. If you have yet to do so, start making an actionable list of accomplishments for your professional life in 2014. If you want to earn a managerial role,  learn a new tool or software, or maintain a better work/life balance. Whatever your goals are, write them down! At the end of the year, check back and see what you accomplished, what you started but may not have finished, and what you still need to tackle. Performing this simple exercise will keep you on track and honest with your progress.

Update Your ProfilesLinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, resumes – they should all be updated to get you ready for the year ahead. Think of all that you accomplished in 2013! Be sure to document major accomplishments so that other colleagues or potential employers can see your skills. It might be a time consuming process, but your career will thank you for it. Check out our post on building a personal brand. 

Best of luck in 2014!



Adrian Finch is a Marketing Associate at Startup Institute Boston. Say hi to her on Twitter  @anfinch1.

Ijeoma S. Nwatu is the Marketing & Community Manager at Startup Institute New York. Say hello on Twitter @ijeomasnwatu.