Message from our CEO

Dear Startup Institute Family,

We recently had our first company conference at HQ in Boston, Massachusetts. It was truly an amazing sight to recognize the growth and talent of our team. As we grow to our third location we have decided to align the schedules of all our fall classes.

Classes will kick-off in Boston, New York, and Chicago on October 21st.

Our company goal is to deliver an incredible experience for our students, instructors and partners. By aligning our class schedules, we are able to build an even better student experience and fully leverage our growing network of students, instructors and alumni. Students will now share a unified experience across all of our programs, which will allow us to do some pretty big, exciting things.

The application deadline is now October 6, 2013.

If you’ve been admitted to the program - I’m really excited to meet you this Fall. If you’re considering joining our family, we should hangout. Facetime is always great.