Parenting Career-Bound Kids: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

by Shaun Johnson You’ve done a great job up until this point! You’ve raised your baby into an adult, through school and out of university. But what’s next?

If your child is still exploring themselves or their career options, expose them to opportunities that will allow them to make the right decision for themselves. In addition to the normal resume drop and career fairs, there are three worthwhile options that can provide your son or daughter with a solid foundation for their career and great trajectory through their 20’s, 30’s and beyond:

-The Startup Institute:  A free, six-week program that provides the knowledge and access it takes to break into the top startups in Boston. Participants gain in-demand skills through direct interaction with startup companies looking to hire them immediately as newly trained impact players. Encourage your recent grad to apply today!

- Hungry Academy: Hosted by JumpStartLab & LivingSocial, this five-month learning experience prepares you to join LivingSocial’s internal engineering team, building web development skills along with relationships with the industry’s best programmers. Follow their inaugural class updates to find out when their next class is in session! With ThoughtBot as the master teacher, apprentices work alongside designers and developers on real projects and can take any additional workshops at no charge. They also work on special projects designed to give them additional time and training in the areas they most need. To enter into an apprenticeship, have your child apply at