Startup compensation with Caitlin Strandberg


We were so excited to have Caitlin Strandberg from Flybridge Capital talk with SINY students about startup compensation this past Wednesday. She had some awesome information and advice to share with us. Here are some of the resources she recommended as a great place to start learning more.

On Benchmarks:
Brad Feld: What are typical compensation numbers?
On Equity:
Fred Wilson Skillshare Class on Employee Equity (video)
Startup Equity for Employees (Payne) 
Venture Hacks: The Option Pool Shuffle
On Getting a Job at Startups:
Seeking A Job in Start-up Land: Jeff Bussgang
General Resources:
Khan Academy: Life of a Company — From Birth to Death
Mastering the VC Game: Jeff Bussgang
Venture Deals: Brad Feld
Fred Wilson’s MBA Mondays on A

Thanks, Caitlin!