Summer 2014 TalentExpo: Is your company hiring?

Startup Institute really is an ever growing family of individuals who are looking to challenge themselves and push themselves beyond their limits. Current students, alumni, and staff end up sharing a special bond. And like a family we all support each other (and we also bicker sometimes. It’s a family).

Three cohorts go through the Startup Institute experience a year. I went through the Spring cohort in Chicago. Now that summer has arrived another Startup Institute cohort’s time is coming to an end (or is it just the beginning?), which means it’s time to show off these talented individuals at the Startup Institute TalentExpo.

What is Startup Institute’s TalentExpo?

Every individual who goes through the Startup Institute program wants to find a job within the startup community. At the TalentExpo, students get 60 seconds to pitch themselves to the startup companies present in the room. 60 seconds to impress. That’s not a lot of time. At all. In 60 seconds they have to make enough time to talk about who they are, what special skills they have and what experience (or motivation) they bring to the table. If you’ve never tried to pitch yourself in 60 seconds, I highly encourage it. It’s quite the challenge.

I met some of the most ambitious and talented people at Startup Institute, and have no doubt the upcoming class with be just as impressive. Like Rick Desai wrote in his blog post, those who have gone through the Startup Institute experience are founders of their own careers. We take our careers seriously.

Is your company hiring?

If you work for a startup, you know you can’t just hire anyone to be a part of the team. You’ve heard the horror stories of having a bad hire. You know a bad hire can cost your startup both time and money. You need to hire the right person. Someone who has spent 60+ hours a week for two months improving their skills and mindset. Someone who’s learned from some of the best minds in the startup community. Someone who has grown out of their fears of uncertainty and committed themselves to their craft. That’s the kind of individual you want in your team. That’s Startup Institute students.

Register now for Startup Institute’s TalentExpo and discover your next hire.

This post was written by Startup Institute Chicago alum, Luis Rodriguez. He loves music, soccer, and you guessed it… startups!