Three Tips Before You Write Your First Blog Post

Do you know how to write a blog post?

If not, no worries! This post is the second in our two-part series in celebration of National Blog Posting Month. Take a look at the first post.

Now, check out these tips to jump start your foray into blogging. And remember, November is National Blog Posting Month. Happy blogging!

Develop a working title. Write down the subject or topic of your blog to give yourself a framework. For example, “Maintaining a relationship with someone you meet at a networking event.” As you develop your idea, your title will get more specific. You might end up with, “8 Tips for Turning an Initial Meeting into a Lasting Relationship.”

Plan your plan.  Once you have your working title, you’ll need to organize your thoughts. Develop a simple outline. It might look like this:

Paragraph 1: Introduction to topic
Paragraph 2: Anecdote about personal networking experience
Paragraph 3: Eight ways you could have turned the connection into a relationship
Paragraph 4: Closing with a call-to-action

Put one letter in front of the other.  Writing can be indescribably frustrating. You might think you struck gold with an idea, but when you being to write, it simply does not pull together. Don’t give up or get discouraged! If an idea is crap, accept that it’s not good and move on to the next one. Know that with every failed idea, there’s one that succeeds.  

Share other blogging tips in the comments below. 


Adrian Finch is currently an associate with Startup Institute Boston. Say hello to her on Twitter, @anfinch1.