Where’s that kick-ass ramp…to learn how to code?!?

kick-ass ramp

That’s you… yeah, YOU!

Fire in your eyes, lasers in your stare… your desire to learn how to build things on the internet is palpable.

But there’s just one thing missing… A kick-ass ramp!

Say hello to RampUp… your kick-ass ramp for learning the skills you need to succeed in today’s economy.

RampUp is a part-time deep dive into a particular skill set.  Our first two programs are a Web Development RampUp and a Front End for Designers RampUp. Applications for both programs are now open.

Impactful Blended Learning

We know that online learning is difficult.  It’s hard to stay motivated and actually complete a program.  We believe learning is a social experience, and as such, requires an in person component.  There’s something special about being physically present.  RampUp synthesizes the best resources around the web, forms an in person learning community, and challenges each student to advance their individual skill set.  We believe this hybrid form of learning is both scalable and impactful.

Community Oriented

RampUp is created and run by the local community.  Our RampUp curriculum was designed by practitioners throughout the community.  RampUp TMs (Teacher-Mentors) are working practitioners, current undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni of our core Startup Institute program.  TMs facilitate the weekly in person component.  

Individualized Approach

We believe that traditional classrooms do not typically accommodate a range of ability levels.  The RampUp acknowledges that everyone is coming in with a unique skill set and individualizes the curriculum to a particular students’ skill set.  This differentiated approach ensures that everyone is advancing forward.

Applications for the second Dev RampUp and our inaugural Front-End for Designers RampUp are now live.  

Lean more and apply today.