The Core Curriculum brings students together across tracks for career-focused workshops, emotional intelligence (EQ) discussions, and cross-functional projects at local companies.


The Core Curriculum is the heart
of the Startup Institute experience

The Startup Institute Core curriculum is designed to target the culture skills that our hiring partners value most—and the skills that will take you from "worker" to "leader".

In addition to your skills training, you’ll receive instruction and coaching in emotional intelligence, collaboration techniques, networking, and the culture of high-growth companies. The Core focuses on the skills and mindsets that separate great hires from good ones. No matter which track you choose, all students receive the same Core training.


The Startup Institute Journey



Research shows that people who rate highest in emotional intelligence receive the biggest raises and are promoted most frequently. The Core Curriculum will prepare you to take on progressive leadership roles with a series of exercises that will challenge you to acknowledge your weaknesses and strengthen your culture skills.

Sessions Include:
• Emotional Intelligence
• Communication Styles
• Introverts & Extroverts
• Team Leadership Skills
• How to Give & Receive Feedback



From personal branding and résumé workshops to acing the interview and negotiating salary, we’ll equip you with the tools to succeed in your job hunt.

Sessions Include:
• Your Resume is a Story
• Ideal Job Description & Positioning Statement
• Interview Skills & Mock Interviews
• Negotiating Salary & Equity
• Networking
• Public Speaking



As part of a growing company, it will be critical that you maintain open lines of communication as you collaborate and juggle a range of responsibilities. You’ll continue to build on culture skills and apply your technical learning to solve real problems in cross-disciplinary teams.

Activities Include:
• Hackathons
• Partner Project
• Workshop: The Integrated Team

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Our in-program staff is here to support you every step of the way

You’ll meet with a member of the program team each week throughout the in-class immersive (and for two months after graduation) for an individualized mentor session during which you’ll address your goals, develop action-plans, and conquer roadblocks.


Ready to Get Started?

If you're ready to jump in and change your career, visit our application page and apply to an upcoming course to begin the enrollment process. Once you've completed your application a member of Startup Institute's Admissions team will reach out to learn more about what you're hoping to achieve and set you up on the right path.