5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing is fast becoming the most powerful method of growing both a brand and a business. The personal and convenient nature of the medium has made it an integral part of people's daily lives.

Businesses and marketers recognize that effective mobile marketing strategies are the key to unlocking meaningful connections with their prospects. Just like digital marketing, mobile marketing is complex and best practices change quickly. To ensure your business is competing on a level playing field with other businesses in your industry, implement these five important steps to improve your mobile marketing strategy.

1. Embrace Hyperlocalized Search

Businesses and consumers tend to search for services within a 10-mile radius of their location. By implementing hyperlocalized marketing methods in your own marketing strategy, you can leverage IP geolocation technology and big data analytic tools to take advantage of location and social media data. What does this mean? Well, you can give customers information that is personalized and relevant to their unique requirements which will in turn drive conversions.

2. Optimize for Mobile Search

People use mobile devices for search in a way they wouldn't normally use a desktop or laptop computer. For example, mobile users will expect more local results and interactive features that link directly to their phone's various functions. Also, bounce rate and CTR data tend to be more variable on mobile -- perhaps as a result of other stimuli and the need for fast information.

It's vital that you identify exactly what your customers are using their smartphones for. For instance, are they searching for basic contact information and a basic overview of services like yours? Or are they looking for more detailed content that can help them to make informed choices?

You should concentrate on developing task-focused content in a way that is easy to use and understand on a smaller screen. This might be as simple as spacing buttons sufficiently and choosing a clear font. It may also involve using local keywords and tailoring your SEO for your target audience -- in relation to how they use mobile technology. User experience is everything, so make sure loading times are no longer than three seconds. Continual testing and tweaking of your mobile presence are crucial to long-term success.

3. Engage Users on a One-to-One Basis

Although you're offering the same set of services to businesses and individuals, you should take into account the ways in which different people interact with their mobile device. Find out how your users are finding you, what devices they're using, where they live, what their expectations are and any other information that you might be able to use to strike up a rapport with individuals. These factors will help you to tailor content that delivers maximum impact.

One way of increasing engagement opportunities through mobile marketing is the careful placement of social media links and sharing buttons. Consumers are more likely to share content on social media via a mobile device than they are on a desktop, so take full advantage of this. There is also a great opportunity to build up that all-important rapport with eye-catching videos. On a mobile device, video often fills the screen, without the annoying and distracting ads that appear on desktop screens.

4. Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy With User-Friendly App

According to Apple, the average consumer now spends more time using mobile apps than they do watching television. Mobile-friendly websites are effective to a point, but they lack the sophisticated user experience, speed and interactivity of native apps. Unlike basic websites, apps are capable of utilizing push technology, cameras, microphones, phone books and many more standard smartphone features. Having access to these functions allows you to get creative with offers and exclusive content.

5. Prioritize Special Offers for Mobile Users

To move more of your customer base onto mobile, make any special offers, discounts or exclusive content available on mobile media first. Give customers who opt in regular mobile updates on your latest news and offers before anyone else.

The world of mobile search is changing all the time. But if you can adopt a robust strategy and make your brand compatible with the very latest technologies, you can stay in stride with your target audience.