"My perspective has been re-aligned..."

…to how I USED to think as a child, but lost sight of in the conformity of college and looming complacency of a 9-to-5 job.

A heartfelt and inspiring thank you from Heather Faherty, alumna from Startup Institute New York’s inaugural class.

I wanted to just send a quick thank you for the entire program your way, Startup Institute. The whole gang is an inspiration. Specifically, Aaron and Shaun - you guys. You guyyys….

You left your jobs, started a business to help others, and made us feel comfortable in the process. The program to me was most valuable for its networking possibilities. For days after the expose, my e-mail inbox has been FLOODED with e-mails. Yes, some of those for now are non-pay consulting jobs, but those may turn in to permanent jobs. I also have about three other interviews lined up! Having too much to do…is a good problem to have. The reason I have all these calls/e-mails, too, is because of the netwerking (yes, the cool new way to say bland ‘networking’) I did throughout the program. I am now in the real-world already helping to build my portfolio with small startups trying to grow. I may not be getting a paycheck yet, but I know those connections will pay off in the long-run.

Speaking of connections, I have a huge alumni network to reach out to, constantly connect with, and consult, if I need advice or simply need another motivational push. Not like it will be hard to stay motivated, with how many people are on Facebook each day reminding me to stay motivated…but just if I do need it and feel myself slipping away, I know that family will be there to catch me and push me back up.

Aaron and Shaun, you both also visited in-person and offered advice, which meant a lot to me as a student. I already came to the Institute feeling like I knew a lot about myself, yet, I learned something new every day. What I wouldn’t know if I never did it! I still can’t believe how much I learned about myself in just a short 8 weeks. Most of that lies in the motivational factor of the program - being surrounded by people who are just as, if not more, motivated. Even my parents notice how much I changed being in the program. My perspective has been re-aligned to how I USED to think as a child, but lost sight of in the conformity of college and looming complacency of a 9-to-5 job.

Thanks to Startup Institute, I (and transitively, Aaron and Shaun), have inspired many of my friends to “get up and go.” I push people in my life on a daily basis, even more than I did before, to “JUST DO IT!” and not look back. Live spontaneously, be free, and don’t worry (too much) about money. My presence in the program has impacted my mother, who now is already planning to leave her job of 25 years to start a business. 

When you say you wanted to do something to change the world and change the lives of others, you certainly accomplished that goal already.

Thanks again SI, but it’s never goodbye.

Boston and New York’s early application deadline for the Fall program is Monday, August 12th. Apply by the deadline to increase your chances of being admitted.