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Sidney Baptista: From IT Consultant To Growth Manager At Breather

As the growth manager for the on-demand workspace company Breather, Sidney Baptista gets to work in a rapidly evolving field. However, his career path wasn't always pointing him toward this role. Instead, a significant change took him into the world of marketing.

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Web Design Alumni Power Newark Venture Partners’ Inaugural Cohort

The inaugural class kicked off in September and company pitches to investors were held December 7 at the Prudential Center. Startup Institute alumni Francesca Behling and Salina Mack were selected to serve as designers-in-residence during the three-month accelerator. Newark Venture Partners Director and VC, Dimitris Kouvaros, had visited Startup Institute for a fireside chat over the summer, where he first met Francesca and Salina.

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5 Reasons Why Studying Improv Will Make You Brilliant at Business

There are countless benefits of applying improv skills in a business setting. Digital marketing student Kate Orgera explains how she's leveraging her improv background in her career change.

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Black Women: 4 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in the Bro-Centric Tech World

This is what it's like to be a woman of color in a white, male-dominated industry: we’re encouraged to join the party, but the party isn’t accommodating of everyone’s unique interests.

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Looking for a Career Change? Rule Number 1: Have No Regrets

72% of college graduates think their bachelor’s degree has been beneficial to their career, but 74% regret choosing their major.

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