Spring ’14 Graduation: Emotions, Memories, and a Bright Future


As the glorious eight weeks of Startup Institute come to an end, we’ve been busy wrapping up partner projects, interviews, strategy hacking, and everything else that startup life entails.  It’s been a whirlwind, and we’re all finishing out the program strong; perhaps getting sentimental about it all.

In an effort to compare our thoughts before the program to how we feel in the final stretch, I’ve compiled some quotes from the New York students and team.

"It’s bittersweet. I am pleasantly surprised to have built such strong connections with so many Type A people here. It feels like family and we want to see each other succeed." Martha Segovia, Technical Marketing

"I feel like I just learned to swim. I was reluctant to jump, but someone pushed me in the water." Miguel Fondeur, Product and Design

"I feel very excited to go out in the real world and see how the new sides of me that were developed here will emerge." Mike Hickling, Technical Marketing

"I feel sadder than I thought I would be. Any expectations I had were blown away. I feel really tightly connected with folks here and hope we keep in touch." Greg Chin, Sales and Account Management

"I’m amazed that we are still learning new things about each other in week 8." Rebecca Chin, Associate Director of Startup Institute New York

So many emotions, like college graduation repeating itself! That, or the time I had to give my cubby up in grade school. You’ve grown up with classmates, you’re leaving for different non-Montessori private or public schools afterward, and you won’t be able to play tether ball anymore. Tears, but also the excitement of the unknown.


Our foray into startups would not have been complete without the efforts of the Sales and Account Management Track: free Uber rides, yoga, cookies, skincare products, karaoke, and food. Boy did we get lucky!  A few weeks ago Mamta Parakh worked with FoodtoEat, bringing us Jack’s Sliders and Sushi lunch selections a la Asian Fusion. Mamta was so excited about her success that she struck a pose when the food arrived.


Thank you so much SINY, (not just the Sales students but all the tracks, instructors, and staff too) for the greatness that was the past 8 weeks. I have no doubt Startup Institute will continue to be a strong part of our future. I’m excited to see all of my fellow alumni killin it in whatever they decide to do next.

Camille Basurto, Sales and Account Management Spring 2014 graduate, hails from the glorious Connecticut & the 203. She is a lover of sailing, running, hiking, yoging, and things outdoors.