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3 Key Factors to Understand Before You Join a Startup

Working at a startup isn't all about ping pong tables, nap pods, and beer o'clock. Before you accept your startup job offer, consider if the structure and stability, compensation, and work-life balance (or lack thereof?) at an early-stage company will make sense for you.

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5 Questions to Ask About Startup Equity Before Accepting a Job Offer

While your decision to accept a job offer shouldn’t hinge on equity, it’s important to understand what your options mean. Use these five questions as guidelines to understand key points on equity and how your share may change over time.

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Startupedia: What Does Cap Table Mean?

Whether you're negotiating a job offer, or you're right in the thick of it, helping a company to scale, there are a few questions you should be asking about the company's cap table. These 4 must-knows are simple but critical.

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