5 Top Design Companies in Boston

When you are new to the field of web design, it can be challenging to know what companies would be the right fit for you. At Startup Institute, we immerse you in the tech ecosystem from day one of the program, introducing you to our hiring partners to help you build your network and gain exposure to the companies that will be a fit for your career goals—both as a learner and a teammate. Here are a few companies that we love—in no particular order—that are doing fantastic design work in Boston:

1. Intrepid Intrepid is an end-to-end mobile design and development company with its office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 2010, they are experts in well-crafted design, product strategy, and development for Android, back-end, Rails and iOS. The Intrepid team is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes "boldly navigate their mobile future." They are a highly passionate, dynamic, and collaborative team that wants to challenge each other and their clients to craft better solutions every day.

2. Fresh Tilled Soil Located in Watertown, Massachusetts, Fresh Tilled Soil specializes in product strategy, product management, UX and UI for web and mobile applications. As the company's name is a metaphor for unearthing great potential, its mission is to work alongside clients to discover new opportunities and designs waiting to be uncovered. Since 2005, its team of developers, strategists, and designers has worked with its clients to design, sketch, imagine, prototype, wireframe, code and test high-quality, beautiful products for mobile and the web.

3. 36creative Headquartered in Salem, New Hampshire, the 36creative team is an innovative web branding and design agency committed to serving businesses in the Boston area. The founding principles of the agency are to be passionate, be smart, and always put the the brand first. For web designers who want to join a like-minded team of free thinkers who push conventional design boundaries, this is the company for you. Whether creating websites or helping a company rebrand, if clients come to the 36creative team with a problem, members work tirelessly until they find the right answer.

4. Growth Spark This award-winning, boutique design agency is located in Cambridge and is dedicated to creating data-driven e-commerce solutions for its clients. As a leader in Shopify design and development services, the Growth Spark team is committed to helping clients improve revenue streams in their chosen market. Most of the agency's clients seek out Growth Spark due to poor conversion rates, operational or technological inefficiencies, or when they undergo a substantial product or service change. The team tackles each new project with a unique, dynamic three-step process. For designers who want to be part of a results-driven team, Growth Spark is the place for you.

5. Janeiro Digital For web designers in Boston who double as innovative problem-solvers, Janeiro Digital is a great agency that prides themselves on their organizational culture. Janeiro is committed to not just fixing clients' problems, but also providing long-lasting solutions that optimize their performance and services. As the agency works closely with its clients, it can identify the underlying issues clients are facing and then create custom web design strategies with their unique needs in mind. The Janeiro Digital team is made of people who not only are experts in their respective fields but are also open to learning from their peers and challenging each other to strive to become even better. They might work hard for their customers, but they also know how to have fun while doing it.

Each of these companies is doing fantastic work in web design, but they are by no means the only great web and mobile designers in Boston. As a web designer, network with colleagues at industry events, look over local job postings and research plenty of teams until you find the right group of people with the work style and design outlook that fits your learning needs.