Take Your Career to the Next Level: Our New Part-Time Program to Launch this January

We are pleased to announce a new part-time program designed for people who want to learn critical skills for the innovation economy and who prefer a nights and weekends schedule. While our current weekly fundamentals classes offer a great foundation for building technical skills, we found that many people are looking for a more comprehensive learning experience.  For them, we designed a program that delivers all of the benefits of our signature program, but in a format that makes it possible for students to keep full-time jobs if they choose to do so.

A Part-Time Program to Advance Your Career

In our new part-time program, students will build the skills they need to change careers or to advance within their current role. Like the full-time program, the new  option will blend technical skill building with networking events and include career-planning workshops, leadership and team skills, and cross-functional projects with local companies. Echoing another key element of our full-time program, our part-time offering also includes eight additional weeks of in-person career coaching, post-graduation.

In the words of co-founder Katie Rae,

It was critical that we design a program that remained true to what we are best known for: helping individuals develop a growth mindset and excel at cross-disciplinary collaboration. Startup Institute is about offering way more than just technical skills—I’m so pleased we’ve created a part-time offering that maintains our holistic approach.

With more options, we are able to increase our support for skill-seekers at different stages of their careers: from the person who’s in the early phase of investigating a new job function, to someone who’s ready to make a major career change, and to the individual who wants to level-up or expand skills for their current employment.

Startup Institute’s suite of learning products now includes:

Applications are now open. The inaugural class for the new part-time program will begin in Boston on January 7th, with our first New York part-time cohort soon to follow, in April 2017.