An Open Letter to Career Changers

Two months ago, forty-nine strangers gathered together. We had no idea what we were joining, but we agreed that we needed change. We all felt unfulfilled in our lives and careers. Eight weeks later, we have evolved into a family. More important than the skills we have gained and refined, we have learned about ourselves and each other. Our emotional intelligence makes us a force to be reckoned with!

As we prepare for our Startup Institute TalentExpo in Boston (sixty-second pitches), there are a few things I want to say.

To my fellow classmates,

You are all ROCKSTARS! You may feel nervous, but you should not be. We have worked hard, stretched ourselves thin, and gained for our perseverance. The long hours, the sleep deprivation, the gallons of coffee were worth it — not because they will lead to a job, but because they have allowed us to grow and experience what we could not have done on our own. They have given us the tools and confidence to tackle any challenge.

To those looking to hire us:

You might want to be nervous. This is a group of passionate people, ready to bring the fire. We have given up much to be here. But what we have given up is not as important as why: we want to be part of the startup community; we want to get our hands dirty; we want to pay it forward and help the next group of upstarts. We would not be here if we were not up for the challenge. We embrace change, growth, and uncertainty, with the mindset of doing what has not been done before. One minute does not do us justice. It is a taste - a tease to draw you in for the full experience.

To those looking for change:

Start now. Do not wait. It may seem scary to drop everything, but when you choose to do what makes you happy, you grow. That is a sacrifice worth making. Startup Institute is a great place to start the journey toward change. Not only do you get to learn from a group of amazing startup insiders, you place yourself in a community that will help you along your path to success.

Startup Institute Boston is adding forty-nine new minds to the community, ready and willing to add our knowledge and experiences to this growing ecosystem. Please support us as we make our first steps into the startup world. Check us out this Tuesday at the Startup Institute Boston Student Exposé.


Richard Williams is a Technical Marketing student at Startup Institute Boston. He is excited to merge his passion for storytelling with the world of startup marketing. Say hello to him on Twitter @rcmwill.