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Sidney Baptista: From IT Consultant To Growth Manager At Breather

As the growth manager for the on-demand workspace company Breather, Sidney Baptista gets to work in a rapidly evolving field. However, his career path wasn't always pointing him toward this role. Instead, a significant change took him into the world of marketing.

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Boston Mentor-in-Residence Peggy Yu on How Listening Will Lead You to the Right Career

Meet Peggy Yu—our mentor in residence at Startup Institute Boston. Peggy joins us from Harvard Business School's Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, where she refined her knack for building companies and teams. We interviewed Peggy to hear her insights and advice on building careers... and it starts with listening.

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17 Signs it's Time to Quit Your Job

How do you know when to stick it out and when to go in search of a more intellectually or culturally fulfilling role? These 17 questions will help you to diagnose your relationship with your career path so that you can decide if your current role is salvageable or if it is time to seek happiness elsewhere.

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Rippleshot's Kaleigh Simmons on Launching a Marketing Career in Tech

Kaleigh Simmons is the Director of Marketing at Chicago fintech company Rippleshot, and the winner of our Student Choice Award for an outstanding marketer in our Chicago full-time program. In this interview, Kaleigh shares insights and advice from her career transition from journalism into marketing.

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8 Gems of Career Wisdom from a Top Entrepreneur

According to Gallup, a mere 13% of the world's workforce feel engaged by their work. Neither did Jens Begemann, founder of mobile game developer Wooga, until he quit his job to start his company in the heat of global financial crisis. Check out Begemann's advice for some major inspiration.

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