Celebrating the Best of Boston’s Entrepreneurs- Italics 2012


Boston is the birthplace to numerous successful startups, and there is no doubt Boston’s startup ecosystem is gaining serious momentum. When we speak about the robust growth we have seen to date, we often credit this to the various incubator programs, business plan competitions, investors, availability of mentors and the ample raw talent from the area’s universities. At Startup Institute, we believe an overlooked but no less important factor for the success are a handful of people who have made this startup community what it is today, which is why we’re excited to co-host the Italics Awards with TechStars this Wednesday.

The Italics Awards was established to celebrate the contributions of the outstanding entrepreneurs who have gone above and beyond to shape the Boston startup community. Shaun Johnson, cofounder and COO of the Startup Institute speaks about the inspiration for the Italics, “There’s something special about the entrepreneur who can not only build a great company, but also contribute to the ecosystem around her…it’s time to recognize that.” This is the spirit the Italics aims to honor.

Aaron O’Hearn, CEO and Director of the Startup Institute, talks about the motivation for the Italics, “We are thrilled to honor a lot of great people in Boston who usually fly under the media radar; It is long overdue.”

This is a big day for the Startup Institute. The inaugural class of 2012 is kicking off the same day. There will be no shortage of inspiration for aspiring college grads who are spending their summer with Startup Institute. “Celebration of success is both a motivation and communication tool. By doing so, you acknowledge all the greatness abound while allowing that momentum to move the future closer” says Shaun.

The event will feature an address from Bob Mason, CTO of Brightcove and brief talks from the award recipients. An after party will be held from 9-11:30PM at MeadHall where attendees can interact with the night’s honorees. For tickets, check out the Eventbrite page.