Ending your senior year off right

by Miguel Galvez So you made it. Looking back, you probably just had the best four years of your life. Congrats. That’s a pretty big thing. But now what? Your time at school was probably mostly spent cramming for exams and spending time with your friends and less on figuring out what you want to do with your life. Sure you have some internship experience, and who knows, you may have even enjoyed some of them. But how do you know that what’s right for you? I’m sure many of you, like myself, were tempted to enter consulting or banking. Great salaries and perks, but let’s be honest, you’d be making no real impact on the world around you. Like everyone else, I know you have a longing desire to make a difference, be noticed, and be rewarded, both personally and financially.

Have you ever considered working at a startup? Probably not.  These jobs are typically hard to find and they sound risky. Well, I am here to tell you that not the case. At the Startup Institute we make it easy for recent grads to transition from student to a startup jack-of-all-trades. We connect you to fast-paced, high energy startups who are changing the game and looking to hire strong talent like yourself. And what about the money? Startups may typically pay less than big consulting or banking firms, but they offer you incredible upside in the form of ownership in the company (equity). If your company ultimately sells or IPOs, this can be a substantial reward for your hard work. More importantly, working at a startup is about turning responsibility into tangible action. You will play an important role in a company’s success and will have the opportunity to turn your ideas into immediate action.

Join us. Become the next wave to Boston’s startup hires. Apply today at www.StartupInstitute.com

- Miguel Galvez Startup Institute