Why Cambridge and Boston rock

by John Capacelatro

As you approach graduation, you’re probably thinking a lot about what that rager of a grad party is going to look like. The decision of what to fill the traditional keg with (Keystone wins every time) seems to be the most important question on your mind. But after the last hungover party goer leaves your party, it’s suddenly real. You’ll be heading off into the real world soon, and you will be faced with that crucial decision of where to live. Do you buy a one-way ticket to Australia, head off to the west coast, or come up to New England? Having spent a ton of time in Boston and Cambridge the past few years, let me tell you why this area rocks.

The Food - Most people that know me know that I am obsessed with food. And why not? It’s one of those awesome things that unites social interaction and self-satisfaction. Sure, Thomas Keller isn’t jamming down the street, but Barbara Lynch owns an empire of restaurants in the Boston-area that place her among the top chefs in the country. For those looking for something a little less gourmet, there a ton of restaurants that satisfy: Grafton Street Pub (Harvard Sq), Za (Kendall Sq), and Addis (South End). Plus, the food truck scene is blowing up! Clover is my personal favorite.

The People - For whatever reason, Bostonians get a bad rap. In my experience, my interactions with strangers on the street in Boston and Cambridge have been overwhelmingly positive. Not only have they helped me out of a few tight spots, but have offered smiles, advice, and good conversation. I can assure you that, with an open mind, your time spent getting to know the awesome folks that live here will be fruitful.

The Ecosystem - With full disclosure, I work in the tech startup community, so my selection bias for what makes an ecosystem thriving in Boston is relative to this lens. The Boston/Cambridge tech startup communities are super supportive, active, and welcoming. From Venture Cafe, to the Cambridge Innovation Center, to TechStars Boston, and from Boston’s Innovation District to WorkBar Boston, this area has an innumerable amount of resources at its fingertips. A new addition to the community, The Startup Institute is a great educational opportunity for those looking to gain the valuable skills necessary to be a rockstar in this community.

So now it’s decision time. When the dust settles, you want to be 100% certain that you’re going to love where you settled. I’ve made my decision, now it’s time for you to make yours.