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How to Move from a Retail Sales Job into a Sales Career at a High-Growth Company

If your retail job isn't stimulating for you, you can use the skills you've built there to transition. Moving from a retail sales position to a sales career at a tech company, consider honing these four skill sets.

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5 Reasons Why Studying Improv Will Make You Brilliant at Business

There are countless benefits of applying improv skills in a business setting. Digital marketing student Kate Orgera explains how she's leveraging her improv background in her career change.

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How to Transition Your Creative Writing Degree into a Content Marketing Job

What can you do with a B.A. in English? A background in creative writing offers a near-perfect transferable skill set to succeed as a content marketer in the tech space. Read on to learn about how you can leverage these skills, and where you'll have to learn some new strategies.

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How to Showcase Your Passions for a Culture Fit

Your professional background, education, and technical savvy are key in positioning you for a new opportunity. Still, other non-work experiences may help paint relevant and compelling pictures to your interviewers about your "softer skills" and the kind of contributor you'll be. The trick is not to let these speak for themselves.

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