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Game On! Launching a Sports-Themed Data Science Course in Boston

What is data-science? What kind of person would be good at data-science? In honor of the launch of our new sports-themed data-science class, we sat down with Stattleship's Chief Data Officer Tanya Cashorali to figure it all out.

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WeSpire's John Carmichael on Coding Bootcamps VS CS Degrees

Senior developer, hiring partner, and award-winning instructor John Carmichael explains the difference between coding bootcamp grads and computer science grads, how bootcamp grads can take their careers to the next level, and how to find a career you're truly passionate about.

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Career Success Story: From Technical Writer to QA Developer at WeSpire

We caught up with Meredith Davies, an alumna from our web development track, to learn about her experiences as a QA Developer at WeSpire, her interview process, and advice for people who want to launch careers in software engineering.

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