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Tech in New York is booming. During the current economic recovery, job growth in the innovation sector has been four times faster (33%) than the rest of New York’s economy, and 26% faster than tech job growth in Silicon Valley. Companies here mimic the big city lifestyle: social, media-rich, and design-focused—infused with style and collaboration.

Whether in artsy Chelsea or DUMBO’s growing tech hub, tech in the city is renowned for it’s sleek aesthetics, seamless user experiences, and collaboration across other industries. And, the reach of New York’s tech scene extends beyond the boroughs— is in Hoboken and Audible/Amazon have bunkered down in Newark. The most recent growth data shows that the New York tech boom is living up to its own “Silicon Alley” hype and is offering New Yorkers new career opportunities.

New Yorkers don’t stop moving, don’t stop networking, and don’t stop searching for the next big thing. The city is home base for the finance, fashion, media, and real estate tech sectors. Innovators here strive to find solutions that will make their fast-paced lifestyles more convenient, user-friendly, and efficient; it’s no surprise that Tumblr, Foursquare, and crowdfunding Kickstarter were born and bred in New York, or that consumer brands like Warby Parker, Blue Apron, Oscar Health, and Etsy are growing at full tilt. In this climate of rapid growth, we ensure that our students meet the right people and learn about the most innovative companies in the city.



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Our innovative curriculum features an extensive range of valuable assets including preparatory skills support, an in-class immersive experience, and two months of dedicated career coaching post-graduation.

Startup Institute’s program will help you to develop the technical, and cultural skills needed to thrive in the innovation economy.


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Code using key languages, frameworks, and deployment techniques.

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UX/UI Design, user research, rapid ideation, and front-end development.

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Performance and content marketing, data analytics, and customer segmentation.

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Pipeline development, customer relationship management, lead generation.

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